Creating a Crypto Wallet with MetaMask

MetaMask is an extension to the chrome and brave browsers. With a MetaMask wallet you can buy, store, send and swap tokens. It also provides a simple and secure way to connect to blockchain-based applications.

The following video does an excellent job introducing Metamask. It  was made by the creators of this tool and can also be found on their  home page or on YouTube.

You can create a wallet either through the browser extension or via their mobile app (which can be synced between browser and mobile). A couple things to pay close attention to if this is your 1st time creating a digital wallet 1. Choose a strong password and store it in a safe location 2. MetaMask uses a seed phrase which if you lose your password is the only way to restore your account. Write down and store your seed phrase in a safe location, and never share your password, seed phrase, or private key.

Metamask: How to Set Up a Private Wallet - Ampleforth: User Guides
  • To create a wallet through the Chrome extension go to Select ‘Get Chrome Extension’.
  • You will get redirected to the Chrome web store. Click ‘Add to Chrome’.
  • Click ‘Add extension’. The MetaMask icon will appear at the top right of your Chrome browser.
  • Click on the Metamask extension at the top right of your Chrome browser. You will be asked to create a new password. Create a password, confirm it, and click ‘Create’.
  • It will generate a backup seed phrase for you. Write it down, store it in a safe place, and click next.
  • Confirm your seed phrase. Your MetaMask wallet is now set up and ready to use!

posted by Tyler Wolfe GitHub @tylererc20

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